specified nonprofit corporation Japan Information Engineering Trade Center

Corporate Profile / History

Corporate Profile

Establishment April 1, 1996
Number of members 802menbers (as the end of Jan.2019)
Number of Board members 24members
Chairman Masami Sakai   (President, Value Software, co.,Ltd.)


1995, Oct. Started preparation for establishment
1996, Apr. Established “Japanese Information Technology Allied Promotion Association”
1996, Aug. Operations across the country started by secretary members.
1996, Oct. Started a special regular membership.
1997, Dec. Established the Kanagawa branch.
1998, Jan. The association’s name was changed to “Japan Information Engineering Trade Center(JIET)”
1998, Oct. Established the Kansai branch.
1999, Oct. Opened the administration office of Kansai.
2000, May. Started the first “JIET Information System” on the web.
2000, Jul. Established the Kyusyu branch.
2000, Aug. Established the Chubu branch.
2000, Oct. The Chubu branch’s name was changed to Tokai branch.
2001, Jun. Started the second “JIET Information System” on the web.
2002, Jan. Opened the administration office of Tokai, Kanagawa, and Kyusyu.
2002, Mar. Started the third “JIET Information System” on the web.
2002, Nov. Established the Touhoku branch.
2003, May. Started the fourth “JIET Information System” on the web.
2003, Jun. Established the Tokyo branch.
2004, May. Established the Hokkaido branch.
2004, Jun. Started recruiting website.
2004, Dec. Established the Chiba branch.
2005, Apr. Established the Shizuoka branch.
2005, Dec. Approved by the Government’s Cabinet office as specified nonprofit corporation.
2006, Jan. Started operation as "Specified nonprofit corporation Japan Information Engineering Trade Center“
2007, Mar. Exchange the Saitama branch.
2008, Dec. Started an organization membership.
2010, Jan. Launched “CLUB JIET”
2014, Apr. Masami Sakai took office as new chairman.
2014, Jun. Formed a committee
(Public relation committee, Exchange committee,Information systems committee, Legal affairs committee.)
2015, Jun. Formed a Youth committee.
2016, Apr. Website renewal(www.jiet.or.jp)
Opened the CLOUD-JIET.NET, which Delivers information on Projects, human resources.
2016, Jun. Formed an International committee.