NPO Japan Information Engineering Trade center

About us

Successful Business

We are a Specified Nonprofit Corporation which contributes to the development of an information-oriented society and revitalizing the global economy.

Main activities

A place for business information

We hold business meetings where you can exchange information about member’s projects, human resources, and their products, at nationwide branches.


 delivers business information.

“JIET INFORMATION SYSTEM”, which is the information platform of JIET, is a members-only system where you can register and view business information, and you can search membership information from the system. Information of projects, and human resources of the whole country are registered every day, the information is automatically distributed to all members twice a day. Real-time information is available. Take advantage of this opportunity to expand trade and job matching.

As a place for finding business partners and networking.

If you are having problems finding reliable business partners, you can take advantage of our “business meetings” and “networking” for finding business partners and raising company’s profile.

The training program can be used for training members own employees.

We hold a variety of training events, such as "technician training" "rookie training", and also meetings that allows companies to exchange ideas and information on their project and human resources. These events are tailored to the member needs. The training is also offered at a low price close to half of the market price. We recommend that you use this training to enhance and improve your company’s employees.

Hold a “business meetings” and “lectures” at the across the country.
Deliver information on project and human resources relating to information technology, twice a day.

Deliver information about the software industry.
Providing access to information database "JIET Information System"

Hold a “networking”, “New year’s celebration” ”Anniversary party” at across the country.

Hold a training and event.